Hard Copy Maps

... to the right are maps in pdf format. Each map has a title or name and are arranged in alphabetical order, and can be searched by using the scroll bar to the right. To open a map click on its image and it will open in a new window. Once opened the map can be printed to a local printer, emailed to a person, or saved to your local computer.


Annexations Map Last Updated: September 2008

Bonita River Trail

Bonita River Trail Map Last Updated: September 2011

City Facilities

City Facilities Map Last Updated: July 2008

City Limits

City Limits Map Last Updated: October 2008

City Properties

City Properties Map Last Updated: November 2010

Council District

Council District Map Last Updated: October 2012

Council District with Precincts

Council District with Precincts Map Last Updated: July 2012

Code Enforcement Zones

Code Enforcement Zones Map Last Updated: March 2012

Future Land Use

Future Land Use Map Last Updated: November 2009

Old 41 Redevelopment - Conceptual Plan

Old 41 Redevelopment Map Last Updated: November 2008

Old 41 Redevelopment - Urban Core

Old 41 Redevelopment - Urban Core Map Last Updated: January 2009

Park Atlas

Drainage Pond Atlas Last Updated: October 2012

Planned Developments

Planned Developments Last Updated: April 2009

Pond Atlas

Drainage Pond Atlas Last Updated: October 2010

Riverside Park

Riverside Park Last Updated: June 2005

Road Map

Road Map Last Updated: November 2008

Road Map Book

Road Map Book Last Updated: November 2008

Zoning Map

Zoning Map Last Updated: April 2009